We are happy to announce the introduction of our catering option as well as Baby Cakies! Baby Cakies are roughly half the size of our original Cakies and weigh in at around 3oz. See below for more details! 


Price: $25 per batch of Baby Cakies (15 total) and $20 per batch of Original Cakies (7 total)

Availability: Catering is only offered locally in the Phoenix/Tempe area. Contact us for scheduling, questions, and availability.

Purchase Order: Must order a minimum of 5 total batches. Each batch can be a different flavor selected from the variety pack of the time of the event or from the options listed below. 

Flavors Offered:

-Variety pack flavors during the week of the event 

-Chocolate Chip

-Famous Funetti

-Cookies and Cream


-Sprinkled Sugar

Pictured Below are Various Baby Cakies: