What Cakies can I order each week?

We have standard Single Flavor Batches available 24/7! Cookie Drops will be roughly every two weeks (or so). Updates on when flavors end will be available on our home page.  

What is a Single Flavor Batch?

A Single Flavor Batch is a batch of 7 Cakies at a GREAT price. This item gives our customers the option to order Cakies whenever they please AND gives them the best bang for their buck.

What is a Cookie Drop?

A Cookie Drop occurs every other week or so (sign up for email notifications to be the first to know) and allows our customers to purchase single cookies and customize an order the way that suits them best!

What is the best way to eat my Cakies?

We recommend heating up your Cakie in the microwave for roughly 20 seconds to get that "fresh from the oven" taste! Ice cream is a great addition as well. 

When can I expect my Cakies? 

Due to our baker's commitments, we will only be able to produce cookies once a week. Our shipping/delivery day will be Monday or Tuesday every week! 

*If you have a specific request for the date of shipment/delivery please email, call, or text us and we will happily try to fulfill it for you!*

How do I order?

Select any of the cookies available (and any amount) you want, then add to your cart! 

How does shipping work?

Shipping is based on your order's total cost 

$0-$28 order: shipping $10

$28.01-$40 order: shipping $12 

$40.01+ order: $15  

How do you keep my Cakies safe when they ship? 

We individually wrap each Cakie in a heat-sealed bag, and include tissue paper and packing peanuts! Although we cannot control how the box is handled once it is out of our hands and with the post office, we try our best to keep your Cakies safe with multiple "fragile" and "perishable" stickers on the outside of the package! 

I am local, do I have to get my Cakies shipped?

If you are local (within 5 miles) then we will deliver your Cakies to you for a $5 delivery charge. If you would like a specific delivery date, please contact us and we can try to arrange something! Otherwise, we will contact you with a delivery estimate, and will arrange something to fit your schedule!

*If you are slightly out of our delivery range please send us a message and we will see what we can do!*

How long do the Cakies last?

AllCakies last longer than your standard cookie, so they keep for about two weeks. You can throw them in the fridge or freezer to make them last longer (fridge: multiple weeks. freezer: multiple months). We recommend heating the Cakies up so they taste even more fresh!